Vivencial Fishing in The Galápagos Islands

Come for the Fishing - Stay for the Holiday of a Lifetime

The Galápagos Islands are justly famous for their unique flora and fauna, as well as the extraordinary diversity of  habitats.  They have become a destination of choice for discerning tourists who seek something more satisfying than a run-of-the-mill holiday destination.

The Galápagos Islands have a lot to offer visitors:

  •     Fascinating and fearless creatures found nowhere else on Earth;
  •     Out of this world landscapes;
  •     Crystal waters, teeming with life;
  •     Renowned diving destinations;
  •     World-class surf breaks and, of course:
  •     Fantastic Fishing!

   And the best place to enjoy all of this...

San Cristóbal

The Galápagos’ best kept secret!

San Cristóbal has been mostly overlooked by the mass-media and tourist-mills. But we are grateful for that because, of all the islands you can stay, San Cristóbal offers the best blend of beauty, tranquillity, infrastructure, easy access and attractions - Without the crowds

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San Cristóbal grew up around fishing and is the seat of the provincial government. We have:

  • An excellent modern hospital
  • An airport on the edge of town
  • Fresh water
  • Great views and unobstructed access to the waterfront
  • Crystal waters in the bay
  • Several beautiful beaches in easy walking distance of the centre
  • A wealth of wildlife, including the largest sea lion colony in Galapagos
  • And - By far:
    • The best fishing in Galapagos
    • The best Surf-breaks

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Vivencial Fishing

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San Cristóbal is the recreational fishing centre of Galápagos and Galeodan has the licences and equipment to take you fishing, inshore and offshore, for marlin, tuna, wahoo, grouper, mahi mahi and a host of other species.


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Let Galeodan introduce you to the amazing locations and unique inhabitants of the Galápagos Islands. Here you will encounter fearless wildlife often as curious about you as you are about them.

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Marvel at the extraordinary variety and quantity of underwater life when you dive or snorkel from shore, on a dedicated voyage, or in the course of a day-trip.

World-class Surf: San Cristóbal boasts numerous exceptional breaks, most within walking distance of the Galeodan Suites.

You can also enjoy, cycling, paddleboard, or horseback riding in the highlands.

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Galeodan Suites

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These spectacular apartment suites offer an unmatched combination of space, comfort, security, and location.

The Suites feature  separate entrances, A/C, WiFi internet, bathroom, and fully equipped kitchenette with fridge, cooktop, microwave, toaster, coffee maker etc. for all the privacy and independence you desire.


All the Suites face west over the bay so you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets from your private balcony or terrace. On a most days you can see Santa Fé - Even Santa Cruz (50 miles away).


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We include basic housekeeping, linens, toiletries and kitchen staples including coffee, milk, sugar, oil, unlimited water etc., plus cereal, fruit and bread for breakfast. We call it “Serviced Self Catering”.

The Galeodan Suites are in Jardín de Helena, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristóbal.

For further information, visit our dedicated site at www.HelenaVista.com (opens in a new tab).



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Stay With us - in San Cristóbal




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Enjoy Glorious Sunsets Over the Bay



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