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Vivencial Fishing...

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Galapagos Marlin

Maximum  Excitement!

 minimum impact

Vivencial Fishing: “...the ecologically sustainable alternative”.

The waters of the Galapagos Islands, particularly those surrounding San Cristobal, offer unparalleled Big-Game Fishing - This is one of the most exciting areas in the world to fish for:

  • Marlin (striped, blue, black)
  • Tuna (yellowfin & bigeye)
  • Wahoo
  • Grouper
  • Dorado
  • Jacks
  • Sierra
  • Snapper
  • & many more....
Rit & Jason

Our boat: Leodan, is a 33’ custom built fishing boat with twin Yamaha 200HP outboards, GPS \ Fishfinder, Outriggers and Fighting Chair.

We are well equipped with state-of-the-art Shimano rods and reels, as well as an extensive range of lures and rigging for trolling, bait & switch, vertical jigging or popping.


Try Fly! Fly fishing for marlin is considered the pinnacle of game-fishing and only a privileged few have invested in the time and equipment needed to succeed. But its way too much fun to be limited to the “elite”. If you want to try it out, we have top-flight equipment - Tibor Pacific QC2 reel plus extra spool (LH & RH) on Cam Sigler 16/17 rods.  In fact, the fish are so plentiful, and aggressive, that there is no better place to do it, whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner.

Local Experience & Knowledge

Consistent with the Regulations, we employ a local captain and mate who have been fishing these waters for years, with eyes and experience unmatched by outsiders. Don’t let anyone kid you otherwise: no-one knows more about finding fish in the Galapagos than the Galapagos fishermen; including the more exotic game-species, such as Marlin

Family Friendly

When fishing for marlin we generally take no more than 4 anglers on one boat and for larger groups we charter boats from our colleagues in the Vivencial Fishing community. However, we do make exceptions to the 4 angler limit for families who particularly want to be on the same boat. Children are always welcome.

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Licensed fishermen of the Galapagos, such as ourselves, are permitted to catch fish and sell them commercially (that is our heritage). But when undertaking Vivencial Fishing, with tourist-guests, we are subject to limits on the amount of fish that we can extract.

The Vivencial Fishing regulations allow us to keep 50lbs of fish on each trip (or one bigger fish), the surplus being returned alive.

Tuna CPR

We are not permitted to sell the fish. Still, that is more than enough for our guests to enjoy a tasty tuna, wahoo or grouper, cooked in a local restaurant or barbecued on the patio.The first tuna of the day generally provides a snack-time sushi for our guests.

Marlin Is Not On Our Menu

Galapagos fishermen are allowed to catch and sell billfish taken by Artisanal Fishing. However, Billfish caught on a Vivencial Fishing trip must be returned to the water.

We take care to ensure that marlin are brought to the boat efficiently, promptly de-hooked and fully resuscitated before being released.

Marlin in Hand

Is “Sport-Fishing” Legal in the Galapagos?

“Sport Fishing”, at least by that name, is forbidden within the limits of the Galapagos Marine Reserve. However “Vivencial Fishing” brings you the same thrills as Sport Fishing, under regulations set by the Galapagos National Park which issues licences specifically for the purpose. For reasons explained elsewhere, we do not call it “Sport Fishing”.

Recreational fishing in the Galapagos is a contentious issue, little understood and frequently misrepresented. But it’s important to us that our clients fully understand the situation and so we have given it a page of it’s own - See “Can I Fish in the Galapagos?”.

Gert on Marlin
Galapagos Marlin Leap
Galapagos Marlin

“Pesca Altura” \ “Pesca Chica”?

These locally used terms refer to the type of fishing you can do here:

  • Pesca Altura - Offshore fishing
  • Pesca Chica - Inshore fishing.

Flying Fish Marlin

Double Wahoo

Pesca Altura

For marlin fishing, there are several banks to choose from - All of them around San Cristobal. From year to year and even month to month they vary in yield and so we concentrate on whichever is most productive at the time you come to visit.

Galapagos - Fishing Banks & Tracks

Pesca Chica

For inshore, there are several excellent areas to troll for tuna and wahoo and underwater mounts all around the island provide great spots for bottom-fishing for grouper, snapper, wrasse and others. You can easily catch over a dozen species in a day and sometimes up to 20. While you are fishing you can take in the amazing scenery, unique to these islands.

Pesca Mixta (Offshore \ Inshore)

Offshore \ Inshore - The Choice is Yours. We can spend whole days offshore or, if desired, head inshore after lunch and fish closer to home.

For a change of scenery, as well as the excellent fishing found there, we often head for one of the neighbouring islands such as Espanola or Floreana.

On route, we can stop at one of the offshore banks for tuna and wahoo.


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Add Snorkelling

On these excursions, we take snorkelling gear so that you can dive in and enjoy the underwater marvels of Galapagos.

2013-02-27 152617 PMeister

The Cost of Fishing

If you want to come and fish in the Galapagos, all you need do is contact us and we will take care of everything: hotels, flights, excursions, cruising and fishing.

Due to its isolation and the cost of materials, the logistics and cost of maintaining and operating a boat in the Galapagos are extremely challenging and, unlike in some resorts, we don’t make any money from the fish that you catch. So it costs more to fish here than some would anticipate. But we own the agency, the boat, the equipment and the licences necessary to operate all of which constitutes a considerable cost-saving which we pass through to our guests.

“Pesca Altura \ Pesca Mixta”

For a day on Leodan we charge from $1,700 to $1,900 a day, depending on the season, boat and overall package. The price is fixed and shared among anglers so fishing with 4 reduces the individual cost to a quarter ($425 to $475).

If the numbers in your party necessitate a second or third boat, we sub-charter a similar boat from one of our Vivencial Fishing colleagues.

“Pesca Chica”

A less expensive alternative is to fish inshore on one of the smaller boats of our Vivencial Fishing colleagues. The price ranges from $800 to $1,000 and it costs no more to book through us than through one of the store-front “agencies” on the main street (the agency pays the commission).

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When We Fish

There is good fishing here, year round but the high season for marlin is December through May when the waters are calmer, warmer and the fish more abundant. Outside these months the marlin are somewhat fewer but also somewhat bigger.

No habla Espaņol?
No problema - We Speak English.

Every trip is accompanied by an English speaking guide, or, more often, by one of the Galeodan owners.


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