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  Galapagos Islands: The Holiday of a Lifetime - With Galeodan

They're back...........................!


We’ve been in a bit of a slump........


Although they are present year round, the peak season for marlin has always been December through May/June, when the winds drop, temperatures rise and waters are calmest. In those heady months, one could confidently predict raising 20 to 30 fish in a day, experiencing repeated double or triple strikes and releasing 6 to 10 fish in a day: mostly striped marlin, with the odd blue and occasional black.

2010-05-20 140709 (1)

2010-05-18 115608

But for the last three years the climate has been significantly different. The wind has never stopped and temperatures have been slow to rise. That’s great if you’re trying to keep onshore but not so on the water. The seas have been choppy and and the numbers of marlin raised and released has been dropping off steadily. Last year, the marlin did not show themselves in significant numbers until April and some were wondering if we would ever again see the glory days when San Cristobal was home to the world’s most spectacular and entertaining marlin fishing.

But this year things are looking pretty good!

We saw multiple attacks in December and it’s been getting hotter every week - In every sense!

The winds have finally dropped, temperatures are rising and we are starting to see significant numbers of marlin again. Even better: we are finding marlin closer to home rather than at the limits of the Reserve (“88”) so we are spending less time travelling and more time fishing.

2014-02-26 095254 (1)
Tracks 2014

Here are a few shots from the season so far:


2014-03-03 114557 (1)

2014-03-01 114117

2014-03-03 114557 (0)

2014-02-28 101425

You may have noticed that we really don’t go in for “hero-shots” but when you have a bunch of really great kids who’ve come a long way and spent a lot of money to catch their first marlin, we’re happy to oblige. Just the once mind you.

2013-12-24 133846




Curious about what we mean by “100% hyperbole-free”?

From us you get nothing but the plain truth:

Famous Black Marlin (Hook)
  • No inflated expectations,
  • No wild exaggerations,
  • No concocted photos, videos and stories.

Yes, we have been catching some pretty big blue marlin and black marlin here (they never left). But if you want to raise a smile (maybe even a giggle), ask the local fishermen about this one..

       If this is all a bit too cryptic, ask us - we’ll be happy to explain.


Maybe we’re a bit too naive for this business, but we would rather have a few happy guests with reasonable expectations exceeded than risk sending back disappointed  customers who were sold a fantasy.

In the long run, and we are in it for the long run, we believe that honesty will prove to be the best policy, for the benefit of the islands, the fishermen that inhabit them and the guests who visit us.





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