Vivencial Fishing, Touring & Lodging In the Galapagos Islands

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Vivencial Fishing & Touring + The Galeodan Suites

The Galápagos Islands have a lot to offer visitors

  • Kicker Rock <em>(Leon Dormido)</em>
  • Striped Marlin
  • Sunset from the Galeodan Penthouse Suite
  • Striped Marlin
  • Cerro Brujo - From the summit of El Junco Crater Lake
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Leodan at Rosa Blanca on the 360 Tour
  • Grouper
  • The Galeodan Penthouse Suite
  • Galeodan Amberjack Suite
  • Galeodan Bonito Suite
  • Galeodan Pompano Suite
  • Marine Iguana at El Cañon
  • Carola
  • Cruising on Leodan
  • Land Iguana
  • Marine Iguana
  • Tortoise
  • Brown Pelican
  • Leodan at Rosa Blanca on the 360 Tour
  • Blue Heron
  • Sally Lightfoot - <em>Zayapa</em>
  • Bottlenose Dolphin

The Galápagos Islands are justly famous for their unique flora and fauna, as well as the extraordinary diversity of habitats. They are a destination of choice for the enlightened traveller who seeks something more challenging, and rewarding, than the standard tourist destination.

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Vivencial Fishing

Yes - You CAN fish in the Galapagos - Legally!

Vivencial Fishing boats (like our own Leodan) are licensed by the Galapagos National Park to take you fishing and sightseeing in the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Learn more about Vivencial Fishing... ...

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There are many ways to enjoy the spectacular and varied scenery of the Galapagos islands: cruising; island-hopping with day-tours; just one island; or a combination of the above.

Learn more about Sightseeing in Gálapagos ...

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Galapagos is most famed for it's extraordinary variety of unique and fearless animals, many endemic (found nowhere else on Earth). Many can be found and enjoyed mere steps from your hotel while others necessitate a day-trip, or cruise, to a visit-site on the same, or a nearby island.

Learn more about the Wildlife of Gálapagos ...

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Diving & Snorkeling

Galapagos features a host of superb snorkel sites, sometimes footsteps from your hotel, at a short taxi-ride, or on a day-trip by boat. World class dive sites are available on day-trips, or on a live-aboard dive-cruise, which can take you to Darwin and Wolf islands at the northern tip of the archipeligo.

Learn more about Diving & Snorkeling in Gálapagos ...

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Galapagos has a wealth of exceptional surf breaks. The best and most accessible are in San Cristobal.

Learn more about Surfing in San Cristóbal, Galápagos ...

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Paddle boarding with dolphins in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

While in Galápagos, you can enjoy a whole range of additional outdoor sports and activities, including:

  • Kayak
  • Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Horse Riding

The Galeodan Suites

Sunset view from the Penthouse Suite
  • Penthouse
  • Penthouse
  • Amberjack - Family Suite (2 bedrooms)
  • Amberjack - Family Suite (2 bedrooms)
  • Bonito
  • Bonito
  • Pompano
  • Pompano
  • Dorado - Family Suite (2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms)
  • Dorado - Family Suite (2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms)
  • Marlin
  • Marlin
  • Marlin

Don't visit the Galápagos Islands without spending a few nights in San Cristóbal. And when you do, be sure to stay with us in the Galeodan Suites .

These spectacular apartment suites offer an unmatched combination of space, comfort, security, and location.

The Suites feature  separate entrances, A/C, Wi-Fi internet, bathroom, and fully equipped kitchenette with fridge, cooktop, microwave, toaster, coffee maker etc. for all the privacy and independence you desire.

All the Suites face west over the bay so you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets from your private balcony or terrace. On a most days you can see Santa Fé - Some days even Santa Cruz (50 miles away).

We include basic housekeeping, linens, toiletries and kitchen staples including coffee, milk, sugar, oil, unlimited water etc., plus cereal, fruit and bread for breakfast. We call it “Serviced Self Catering”.

Learn more at GaleodanSuites.com (opens in a new tab). Or email us now, at Info@Galeodan.com

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